"Providing a Caring, Lifelong Home

to Senior Rescue Goldens" 

President's Message (continued) 


3. Throughout the year, we will provide GRSRS&EC’s Animal Welfare Education Programs for the public of all ages and host programs for specialized training and testing opportunities for people and dogs of all breeds and ages. By using class fees and grants, all these programs will be self funding. We will make every effort to keep the cost of such programs to a minimum (presenters, certified instructors and site rental costs) to ensure that as many people as possible can participate. Please note that we will not use any of these programs for fundraising. They will all have the sole purpose of providing Animal Welfare education for the public.


4. The GRSRS&EC’s Sky Blue Pink Animal Welfare Lending Library for all ages is a free Humane Education resource for the public and is supported by a specific benefactor and grant money. Information about it is posted on our web site.


5.The Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and Consultants will all be volunteers. They will receive no compensation for their services. The GRSRS&EC is an all-volunteer organization.


6. Any donation made to GRSRS&EC will only be used to provide direct housing and care to a GRSRS&EC Sponsored Senior Golden in need.


We realize that many program changes have occurred during the past few months as this unique collaboration has been put in place, but the organization’s program goals and Mission Statement have never waivered.


Now with this GRSRS&EC and DVGRR program collaboration firmly in place, together we can move forward to provide the care and security that needy Senior Goldens nationwide so richly deserve.


We deeply appreciate your past interest and hope that after reading this message you will feel confident that any donation you make to the GRSRS&EC program will be properly, expertly and conscientiously used for the sole purpose of providing much-needed direct care for a GRSRS&EC Sponsored Senior Golden.


While we already have a yearly budget in place to provide for all these services, we will need an additional $25,000 to continue our work in 2014.


Please take a moment and visit our newly constructed web site, www.goldenretrieversanctuary.org and help us in our effort to be of much-needed assistance to the Seniors of our beloved breed at the most vulnerable time in their lives.




Joan Puglia

President, GRSRS&EC



October 2013

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